We give you the CreEPS!


CreEPS is a C++ class which provides an easy-to-use interface for generating vector drawings and stores them as encapsulated PostScript[TM] (EPS) files.


  • Basic drawing elements: lines, curves, arcs, circles, rotated ellipses, rotated text
  • Advanced text output: 14 different alignment types, optional printf-style text output
  • All attributes adjustable: color, line thickness, line join, line cap, line dash, text font
  • Different customizable fill types: dotted, striped, checkerboard
  • Choice between normal PS text output and separate LaTeX text output (as seen in xfig)
  • Different transformations: shifting, rotating, scaling and generic transformations like shearing
  • Special techniques to keep the resulting EPS file as small as possible
  • Support for including other EPS files and special character handling (new in 1.3)


CreEPS has been programmed by Uwe Fabricius and me.

License and Requirements

CreEPS is available for free under the MIT license. It should compile and work on any platform with an ANSI compliant C++ compiler. So far, we successfully built and tested CreEPS on different Linux platforms.


The latest version of CreEPS is 2.00 which has been released on December 6, 2009. You can download a gzipped tar archive of the sources here (about 180kb). Sorry, but we will not provide a precompiled library. On the other hand installing CreEPS is very easy.


To make it easier for you, the potential CreEPS user, we spent quite some time writing a rather extensive documentation (20 pages) with many examples. A PS version is included in the source archive, but you can also download it separately as a PS or PDF file. In the archive you will also find the source code that was used to create all the examples in the documentation.


Read this about changes.


Click on the thumbnails to download to corresponding EPS file (the biggest one just weighs about 5kb).

PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.